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Cole-Parmer 正式更名為Antylia Scientific
點擊次數:1947 更新時間:2021-05-18

Antylia Scientific™, a global leader in Bioprocessing and Life Science, with diverse portfolio of peristaltic, single-use solutions, lab instruments and consumables, diagnostic and environmental products for the pharma, healthcare, research and academic, environmental and industrial market segments, launches today.

Antylia Scientific™ 是生物工藝技術和生命科學領域的lingdao者,多樣化的產品涵蓋了蠕動泵、一次性系統、實驗室儀器與耗材、診斷和環境類產品等,致力于服務制藥、醫療、科研院所、環境以及各類工業細分市場。


Formerly Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, Antylia Scientific (An-til-e-a) will continue to build up our platform of unique products and expert customer support by expanding the company’s organic product research and development capabilities and acquiring complementary products and companies.

前身為科爾帕默儀器公司,Antylia Scientific將繼續致力于提供優異的產品解決方案以及專業服務,同時提升公司自有產品的研發能力,并收購互補的產品和公司。


“Our evolution as a provider of mission critical products to our customers in their quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic tests has led to creating Antylia Scientific,” said Bernd Brust, Chairman & CEO.

董事長兼CEO  Bernd Brust 表示:“作為一家為客戶提供關鍵產品的供應商,我們在支持客戶‘研發和制造新的治療方法、疫苗以及診斷測試等產品’的過程中不斷發展,從而創建了Antylia Scientific公司。”


Antylia Scientific is creating two operating divisions, Bioprocessing and Life Sciences.

Antylia Scientific有兩大運營部門,分別是生物工藝和生命科學事業部。


Our bioprocessing portfolio includes our industry-leading Masterflex® I/P®, L/S®, B/T®, Ismatec® and Reglo range of peristaltic pumps, our MasterflexLive®connected products, pump and transfer tubing, flow meters and single-use components and assemblies. Masterflex addresses the entire fluid path from research to production with a solution set developed for the specific needs of our bioprocessing, pharma and food and beverage customers.

我們的生物工藝產品線包括了業界的 Masterflex® I/P®、L/S ®、B/T ®、Ismatec ®和 Reglo 系列的蠕動泵、我們的 MasterflexLive®互聯產品、泵和傳輸管、流量計以及一次性組件。Masterflex 針對從科研到生產的整個流體路徑,為生物加工、制藥和食品飲料等客戶的具體需求開發解決方案。


“Masterflex has become the industry standard. We are the customer’s first choice in peristaltic pumps that support their need for providing consistent, repeatable, reliable and pure end products in cGMP environments across the globe,” added Brian Barnett, SVP, Bioprocessing.

“Masterflex已成為行業標準,并且是客戶在蠕動泵上的首xuan。我們的蠕動泵能夠支持客戶在quan球 cGMP 環境中提供一致、可重復且可靠的終端產品的需要”,生物工藝事業部quan球高級副總裁Brian Barnett 補充道。


Our life sciences portfolio includes well-recognized brands such as the environmental sampling and testing innovator, Environmental Express®; real-time monitoring and cold storage expertise as Traceable®; our standards and external diagnostic control specialists, SPEX® and ZeptoMetrix®; and our lab essentials and consumables brand Cole-Parmer®.

我們的生命科學事業部擁有廣受市場認可的有名的品牌和產品組合,如環境采樣和測試創新者Environmental Express ®;可追蹤的實時監測和冷鏈儲存專家Traceable ®;我們的標液和診斷測試專家SPEX®和ZeptoMetrix ® ;以及我們的實驗室通用儀器與耗材品牌Cole-Parmer®。


“Innovation is in our DNA. Bringing together this portfolio of exceptional businesses, products and talent allows us to continue to deliver trailblazing products that improve the quality, accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of our customers’ critical processes,” said Jon Salkin, President, Antylia Scientific. “Antylia Scientific will serve as a catalyst for further organic investment and acquisitions in the burgeoning life sciences and environmental markets.”

“創新是我們的基因。將這一系列的業務、產品和人才匯集在一起,使我們能夠繼續提供開創性產品,確??蛻絷P鍵流程對‘質量、準確性、效率和可重復性’的高要求。” Antylia Scientific總裁 Jon Salkin 說, “Antylia Scientific將成為推動生命科學和環境市場蓬勃發展,以及推動進一步投資和收購的催化劑。”


“With great respect for our company’s venerable history,” added Bernd Brust, “we are confident that Antylia Scientific is now well positioned to serve our customers in their quests to accelerate scientific discovery and improve the quality of life.”

Bernd Brust 補充說:“我們非常尊重公司的悠久發展歷史,我們相信Antylia Scientific有能力為客戶提供更好的服務,幫助他們加快科學研究和提高生命的質量。”


       上海瀚默機電科技有限公司多年來專業銷售科爾帕默(COLEPARMER)全系列產品,我公司繼續為廣大客戶提供高品質的Antylia Scientific儀器設備及耗材,歡迎新老客戶咨詢。